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Tobacco Manufacturing

Tobacco Manufacturing Portal Solution

Tobacco manufacturing comprises companies engaged in the growth, preparation for sale and shipment of tobacco and tobacco-related products. 

If tobacco production still remains a lucrative industry, high taxes and increased contraband had already sapped demand for grown tobacco. In many developed countries, government impose restrictions on the sale, advertising, shipment, and taxation of tobacco product and so reaching and persuading consumers directly is increasingly difficult.

At UpToMarket, we understand your business challenges. We provide multiple solutions that will help you improve your business in many ways like:  

Track your partners and retailers performance, keep your collaborators informed about corporate campaigns and share with them strategies to overcome the challenges of different territories with Uptomarket Partner Manager. 

Follow in real time the sales process of your business players that are distributed on different locations with Uptomarket CRM Module with mobility features integrated. 

Collaborate and exchange key information with your business players, keep them updated with news and events and reduce costs and time by keeping your communication flow running properly with Uptomarket communication tools.  

Gather information about market trends and customers preferences from your partners, make surveys in real time and maintain company\'s brand and guidelines over the channel with Uptomarket Marketing Tools

Set up continuous training programs for specific users, departments or partners and recruit new sales points at low cost and time effort with Uptomarket Training and Recruitment features. 

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Track your sales and get insights from your partners with Uptomarkets solutions

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