Manufacturing Partner Portal Solution to Manage Your Partners, Dealers & Stores


Plastic Manufacturing

Plastic Manufacturing Portal Solution


The plastic industry is nowadays one of the most important industries: the material is increasingly used in many sectors such as electronics, transportation, aerospace, medical, defense or construction. Managing these relationships with customers and partners all over the world can be an important challenge for companies specializing in the manufacture of plastics products.


Increase visibility in your supply chain, integrate user-friendly IT resources to your business, automate business processes on multiple manufacturing levels and locations, to improve productivity within the organization with Uptomarket’s flexible solutions.


Improve your customer service, track new sales opportunities establish your markets and segments, forecast closing rate of deals and stay connected with your clients with Uptomarket CRM module.


Integrate all your data in one location, provide your channel with the right tools and documentation for better decision making and keep your business information updated in real time with Uptomarket’s Document Center. 


Improve business and costumer experience as you give a consistent look to your business with Uptomarket’s Portal feature. Promote your brand, make surveys to understand market trends and customer behavior; share a portfolio of products and services, news and contact information.


Collaborate in real time with your key business players and share with your customers what’s happening inside your business with Uptomarket’s mobility feature. Be able to share news and chat with partners and customers while you access your business in an easy and fast way.


Keep your workflow running efficient and keep your team motivated with UptoMarket’s Social Module, create discussion forums, exchange good case studies, provide communication tools, and share company news like events and from any pc, tablet or mobile device. 

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Plastic Products Manufacturing Plastic Portal Solution

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