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Petroleum & Coal Manufacturing

Petroleum & Coal Manufacturing Portal Solution


In an industry that is in constant evolution and where efficient operations are crucial to staying competitive, manufacturers of products derived from petroleum and coal need tools that will connect vast networks of trade partners in order to fulfill demand in a timely manner.

This sector requires tools that will allow partners to track all information related to their channel. With real-time demand forecasting, a centralized tool for sharing up-to-date corporate documentation and training materials and an outlet for collaboration, UpToMarket can help streamline your channel’s coordination and encourage innovation.

 Whether your business manufactures oil and fuel, combustion materials, cement, steel or power, UpToMarket has tools to help you better manage your channel.


How can UpToMarket help your business?

Improve communication and coordination within your channel

Using UpToMarket’s social tool, create discussions and share news, set-up specific rights for groups or individual users to give them access to relevant information. Better communicate with your partners to share business practices, discuss product development and sales performance, and share information about changes in your industry that your partners need to know.

Track your partners’ sales performance and forecast demand

With UpToMarket’s integrated PRM tool, easily generate sales forecasting reports to compare the performance of your partners with specific products or markets in order to better understand changes in demand, keep your partners’ sales information updated and access their complete histories, and generate reports to analyze sales process statistics in real time.

Efficiently recruit and train your partners and dealers

Using UpToMarket’s partner manager, centralize information about your potential partners and easily share it with your team members, distribute materials such as marketing and product development information directly over the platform in order to reduce costs, and manage information relevant to different territories or in different languages. 


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