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Paper Manufacturing

Paper Manufacturing Portal Solution


In an industry where efficiently responding to demand and cutting costs are key to staying competitive, manufacturers of paper products need centralized tools that will improve coordination between head offices, retailers and sales representatives, no matter their physical locations.

Whether your company manufactures stationery, packing materials, sanitary paper or office supplies, UpToMarket can help you build loyalty with your channel partners and ensure that they can easily access the resources they need to do business with you.

Experience the benefits of centralizing information related to your sales processes and communications in one location, and see how UpToMarket can help optimize your channel management.


How can UpToMarket help your business?

Track your partners’ sales performance

Keep your partners’ sales information updated and access their complete histories using UpToMarket’s integrated PRM tool, and easily generate accurate sales forecasting reports and compare the performance of your dealers over time and on specific products or markets to better identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Increase accessibility of important information

Manage and share your documents from one location and access them anytime, anyplace using UpToMarket’s documentation center. Better organize documents that are pertinent to certain territories or in different languages, and share them with specific partners based on roles and permissions that you assign.

Improve the flow and efficiency of communication within your channel

Using UpToMarket’s social tool, create discussions and share news, set-up specific rights for groups or individual users to give them access to relevant information. Better communicate with your retailers to understand their sales activities, identify resources they need and build long term relationships with key business players.


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