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Miscellaneous Manufacturing

Miscellaneous Manufacturing

This major group includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing products not classified in any other manufacturing major group, such as medical equipment and supplies, jewellery, sporting goods, toys and office supplies.

The different processes used by this group of manufacturers vary significantly, within the industry. In a competitive market, industries related to this section, need to have a strong flexibility to adapt their activities to market trends and the ever-changing needs of consumers.

At UpToMarket, we have the technical expertise to deliver flexible solutions that fit your unique business. 

Forecast your pipeline accurately, make statistics and real time reports that will help in your decision making and have a better understanding of costumer’s demands with Uptomarket CRM module.

Track the performance of your partners, stores and dealers, over specific products or markets without worrying about their territories of operations with Uptomarket Partner Manager. 

Give positioning to your business, test and differentiate your products, create and manage promotional materials and marketing campaigns with Uptomarket Marketing Tools.

Increase brand visibility, build websites with relevant content for your customers, integrate e-commerce features to your page and update and manage your product portfolio with a few clicks with Uptomarket Website Builder. 

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