Manufacturing Partner Portal Solution to Manage Your Partners, Dealers & Stores


Metal Manufacturing

Metal Manufacturing Portal Solution


With all the economy challenges of this industry such as the price changes of raw materials and competition all around the world, manufacturers of metal products want to keep producing high quality products at the lowest cost possible.


Some segments of this industry like construction, furniture and appliances, tools and metal components are looking for flexible tools that can optimize their business processes to stay on top of the metal products industry.


Doesn’t matter the size of your company; keep competitive with Uptomarket Cloud Solutions.


Get insights about market trends, the right products and the right prices from your partners and resellers in multiple locations, improve collaboration between your business players and monitor their performance with Uptomarket’s Partner Manager Module.


Keep your business players updated with the latest documentation about your business such as price lists, warranties, manuals, etc. Create information for specific collaborators and have access to your data from any device connected to the internet with Uptomarket Documentation Center.   


Overview what’s happening in your markets, create and manage sales reports by territories from a center location, keep track of the sales process from the beginning to the end and adjust to your customer’s demands with Uptomarkets CRM module.


Collaborate in real time with your key business players and share with your customers what’s happening inside your business with Uptomarket’s mobility feature. Be able to share news and chat with partners and customers while you access your business in an easy and fast way.

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