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Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture Manufacturing Portal Solution

The furniture manufacturing industry is highly sensitive to overall changes in the economy and is facing numerous challenges with the new technologies that make important influences on the business processes.


Manufacturers of wood and metal household, mattresses, wood kitchen cabinets, commercial showcases, shelving and office, and institutional furniture are facing the challenges of this significant market, as well as giving quick response to the changing demands of the numerous targets.


Our flexible solutions will help you to manage the performance of your channel, take better advantage of your partners and track your sales, documentation and communication process. Invest in tools that will help to improve your work process and manage your business in real-time.



Give visibility to your brand, innovate, test and differentiate your products, create and manage promotional materials and campaigns, track tendencies and keep everyone updated about important events with Uptomarket Marketing Tools.


Keep customers and partners informed about what is happening in your business, position your brand, show a wide portfolio of products and services, share pictures of your events and achievements and give the customers the possibility to shop your products online with Uptomarket Portal feature.  


Forecast your sales and closing rate of deals, make statistics and real time reports that will help in your decision making and have a better understanding of costumer’s demands with Uptomarket CRM module.


Create and manage content for specific markets, create numerous websites, update them in a fast way and relate them to specific products with Uptomarket Website Builder.


Share and distribute important information about catalogs, new products and business strategies, with specific users from any device connected to the internet with Uptomarket Document Center. 


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