Manufacturing Partner Portal Solution to Manage Your Partners, Dealers & Stores

Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing Portal Solution


Food manufacturers today face unique obstacles that challenge the overall coordination of their channel: companies are pressured to diversify their product range, while still cutting costs and working with the short life cycles of many goods.

UpToMarket’s web based solution allows food manufacturers to simplify communication with wholesalers and retailers, more efficiently understand the progress of their sales and streamline your marketing processes, all from one central location.

Whether your company specializes in meat, seafood, prepared foods, baked goods or dairy products, UpToMarket can help you intelligently manage your channel and better adapt to consumer demand.


How can UpToMarket help your business?


Track your partners’ sales performance

Keep your dealers’ sales information updated and access their complete histories using UpToMarket’s integrated PRM tool, and easily generate accurate sales forecasting reports and compare the performance of your key players over time and on specific products or markets to better identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Improve communication within your channel

Use UpToMarket’s social module to better communicate with your sales representatives and channel managers: start discussions, share news and create groups with specific permissions, such as rights to publish, view and share information in order to efficiently identify issues and resolve them as quickly as possible.

Coordinate and manage channel-wide and consumer-targeted marketing campaigns

With UpToMarket’s easy-to-use portal and website builder, automate marketing campaigns for different products or across specific markets and territories by centralizing the management of multiple websites. Use our integrated web statistics tool to optimize your online content and better reach your audience, and build communities online by integrating social media channels in order to better engage your customers.


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