Manufacturing Partner Portal Solution to Manage Your Partners, Dealers & Stores


Electric Manufacturing

Electric Manufacturing Portal Solution

Manufacturers of electric products need to attend to the demands of a wide range of customers, manage multiple kinds of product, keep updated about technology advances to improve the quality of their products and stay flexible to adapt to the changing demand within the industry,

So don’t stay behind with all these challenges, improve your business processes and stay connected with your partners through UptoMarket’s multiple solutions.  

Monitor the performance of your retailers and partners, train your business players no matter their location and promote collaboration between all parts of the supply chain with UptoMarket Partner Manager.

Forecast your sales and closing rate of deals, make statistics and real time reports, locate your markets to invest in the right products and keep up with the quick changes of your customers demands with Uptomarket CRM module.

Give positioning to your brand, test and differentiate your products, create and manage promotional materials, campaigns and multiple websites with Uptomarket Marketing Tools.

Share information related to new products, processes and strategies with specific collaborators in a fast and secure way with Uptomarket Documentation Center.

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