Manufacturing Partner Portal Solution to Manage Your Partners, Dealers & Stores


Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing Portal Solution


For the manufacturers of this industry the main challenge consist in produce the right products at the right time, with good quality and at a price that consumers are willing to pay.


The main concern of some segments of this industry such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, sanitary products, paint and industrial chemicals is to generate profit and revenue to maintain the business running.


Our web-based solutions can help your business to have efficient operations, to improve workforce productivity and have the flexibility needed on this competitive industry.


Forecast your sales and closing rate of deals, make statistics and real time reports that will help in your decision making and have a better understanding of costumer’s demands with Uptomarket CRM module.


Share information related to new products, processes, permissions, regulations and strategies with specific collaborators (such as suppliers, dealers, stores, resellers) in a fast and secure way with Uptomarket Documentation Center.


Give visibility to your brand, test and differentiate your products, create and manage promotional materials, campaigns and multiple websites with Uptomarket Marketing Tools.


Keep your collaborators and business players involved to your company and update them with Uptomarket Social Module. Share company news and events from any pc, tablet or mobile device. 


Connect your business players into a single platform, no matter their location, improve communication and collaboration with them and monitor their performance with Uptomarket Partner Manager

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